God Is Bigger

His Amazing Rescue from Abuse, Addiction, PTSD, Divorce and Despair

Curtis Brown is a living witness to the truth that God can rescue anyone, and that anyone’s life can dramatically change. A survivor of constant physical and emotional abuse in an alcoholic and opioid-addicted home, Curtis joined the U.S. Army and became a decorated Persian Gulf War veteran. But he left the military with post-traumatic stress disorder, severe neck and spinal injuries, and chemical damage.

In the following years, Curtis endured 19 surgeries, debilitating chronic pain, depression, and severe addiction to prescription drugs. He also fought a Veterans Administration hospital system intent on denying the existence of his injuries, much less healing them. He made endless poor choices and had one broken relationship after another, culminating in a divorce from his first wife. But God intervened, and brought recovery to Curtis physically, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually.

God is Bigger is a life story that, with great transparency, is written for those suffering similar struggles with addiction, abuse, family dysfunction, PTSD, or chronic pain. Above all, it is a story of abounding hope, showing that, with God’s help, no life, and no family, is beyond saving.