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Our Mission


22 Veterans are taking their own lives daily due to PTSD and Addiction or both. It is estimated that over the next 10 years that 650,000 Veterans will die from addiction to opiodes and/or psychotropic meds. Our VA system is not the answer for our veterans and their families and we want to help change their lives and/or help them get their lives back. Our goal is to provide our soldiers and their families with an environment to heal spiritually, physically and emotionally through the love of Jesus. We have teamed up with churches (Sugar Creek Baptist), doctor's, Memorial Hermann, counselors and more to help make this happen.

We have a Radio show Battlefield Connections on KKHT FM 100.7 THE Word and the upcoming weekly video series "Beyond The Battlefield... Overcoming Life's Landmines" along with my personal story of overcoming these obstacles in my book God Is Bigger written with New York Times Best Selling Author David Gregory. These are all used as ministry tools to help inspire others to overcome life's obstacles.

Our Vision

The Michael E. DeBakey Veterans Affairs Medical Center, is the largest and most prestigious VA Medical Center in the country. The DeBakey VA serves as the primary health care provider for 150,000+ veterans from all over the country. Therefore, we have an incredible opportunity to impact not just Houston area and Texas veterans and their families but also veterans and their families from all over the nation who have come here for their care. Within one year Houston will be home to the highest number of veterans in the US.

  • Our vision is to obtain a property that will offer them the following:
  • A property that is within 1 hour driving distance of Houston that will offer a wide variety of things for the veterans and their families to enjoy.   
  • Single story dwelling or elevator for access if multi-level structure to allow easy access for all veterans including those with disabilities..
  • Swimming pool on the grounds for their enjoyment and ability to beat the Texas heat in the event they are hurting and prefer to just relax. 
  • Ideally, the property will offer rooms for the veterans and their families that are separate from the main home providing desired privacy during their stay.
  • In addition to the rooms for the veterans the property would also have additional living space for the welcoming person(s)/care takers to live on and manage the property ensuring guest enjoyment.
  • The grounds would provide ample space for veterans and their families to enjoy various outdoor entertainment/activities while providing a peaceful, relaxing, beautiful place for them & their families to stay free of charge. 

The property would allow anyone currently serving or retired from any branch of service to enjoy a vacation/getaway that they may otherwise not be able to afford. It would also be available for the encouragement of spouses and children who need to de-stress while their loved ones are actively serving.

As many of you are aware, most veterans live on a fixed income and sadly have to look outside the VA for their care. Outside healthcare costs today are astronomical and can really take a toll on a families finances making planning a vacation impractical and out of reach for many of them. This is why we need your support.

About Curtis

Brown was an E4 in the Army and served during the Gulf War in 1990-91 with the First Cavalry. He received two bronze service stars for his service, but while in Iraq he was exposed to chemicals that made him sick. In August of 1991 he was injured in a training accident and medically discharged. For 18 years he suffered with chronic pain, PTSD and an addiction to the pain relievers, muscle relaxants and antidepressants the doctors at his Veteran’s Affairs hospital kept prescribing him.


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